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Monday, June 27, 2011

Let Freedom Ring! (Another Burlap Sign)

Sick of burlap yet? Me neither. I think we all know the drill by now.

How to make a burlap sign:

1. Cut burlap to fit in picture frame.

2. Make stencil with Cricut/Silhouette (I used Cricut's Doodletype).

3. Stencil word on burlap.

4. Put burlap in frame.

5. Display proudly.

6. Thank a Serviceman or woman for your freedom!

I will be linking to these parties this week.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Square Pedestal Re-do

Even though Sumer has started, I haven't had much time to craft. I was busy getting things ready for a garage sale, and this week I am teaching a few camps. However, all work and no crafts makes Courtney a dull Red Head, so I refinished a wooden square pedestal.

Being the super organized person that I am, I could not find my before picture of the square pedestal. (You might have to use your imagination, but it started out wooden.) I got it at an estate sale for under $5. Here it is with a coat of primer.

This is how it turned out with new paint. I love the shape!

Have a great week! I'll be linking to these parties.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chevron Tray and a Free Chevron Stencil!

I think I may have jumped on the Chevron bandwagon! I found this super cute wooden tray at a garage sale for $1.

I took it apart and spray painted it yellow.

Then I made a chevron stencil. See the bottom of this post to print your own. I traced it and painted it with my new favorite color by Martha Stewart- driftwood gray.

It takes some patience, but it is worth it.

I spray painted the handle of the tray gray to match.

Here is the finished product. Makes me love chevron!

I will be linking to these parties this week.
Print your own chevron stencil here:
Chevron Stencil

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Sign

Just in case you need reminding, Summer IS HERE!!! I do not need reminding, however, I like to celebrate the start of summer BIG TIME. (I am a teacher and I have been counting down the days until summer since, oh, let's say last September!

Anyhow, in honor of the great yellow blob in the sky and to remind people to never forget summer, I made a burlap sign. Every time I glance at it, I smile to myself and then think of how many days we have left of school (5 in case you were wondering).

Step 1: Cut out burlap to fit in the picture frame and cut out the summer stencil (I used 2" Doodletype Cricut cartridge).

Step 2: Paint it on the burlap. Let dry.

Step 3: Put into picture frame.

Step 4: Stop staring at your sign and get outside and start enjoying summer!!

I'll be linking to these parties this week (and dreaming of summer vacation).

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