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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Best Holiday Decorations. Ever.

Two questions for you. One: Have you ever been to the Opryland Hotel in Nashville? And, Two: Have you ever been there at Christmas time?? Holy decorations!! Their decorations are so spectacular, they must make Martha Stewart look like a Scrooge!

The hubster had some business to do there right after Christmas, so I *had* to go with him (and by "had" I mean "jumped at the chance"). Nashville is so fun and I couldn't wait to get junkin/antiquing.

Now, look at the next picture and answer me this... Can you imagine how long it takes to put up over 2 million lights and decorations?? And I thought decorating my house was bad...

That's a lot of lights!

Everyone appears to be out looking at the light show...

...and listening to the charming Christmas music.

Watch out for the little lambs, I hear they bite!

But really, no disrespect intended. The GINORMOUS nativity scene truly is awe-inspiring.

And that's only the outside! Don't even get me started on the inside. If you are lucky enough to find your way around, you will find 3 atriums full of indoor decorated gardens.

Giant Christmas tress and wreaths hang overhead.

One of the lobbies even had a giant poinsettia tree... meow!

Cascading lights.

Magical hot air balloons.

Toys taking flight.

After my experience here, I thought I might like to live in such a grand place! On second thought, who am I kidding? Something about having to clean 2,881 rooms does not appeal to me. I'll settle for a vacation there anytime though.

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