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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hello Sign

I'm cuckoo for estate sales! See this lover-ly treasure I found?

Here is a close up in case you can't admire the plant life.

I was so inspired by this piece, that I ran right home to get to work. I didn't even stop at any other estate sales- I promise!

I took off the round discs and painted the frame white.

I painted the background blue and I painted the discs with chalkboard paint!

Now I can write quirky messages to welcome people to my home!

I'll be linking to these parties this week.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Guest Bedroom Reveal

Well, it's not completely complete, but I like where it's headed. Our guest bedroom used to be our office. Really it turned into the room where we shoved everything when we didn't know where to put it or if people were coming over. (Shut the door and it is out of sight, out of mind kind of thing.)

This is the color the office used to be. Yup, I liked it when we first painted it. I thought the office would be the perfect place to play with color, but now I just laugh when I see this picture.

After some new paint and repurposing, this is how it turned out. It could still use a little artwork for the walls, but I like how it's coming together so far.
See how I recovered the lamp shade? I also sewed the pillows for the bed (it's bothering me that they aren't laying right in the photo- grr).

I painted the candlesticks yellow, refinished my childhood dresser and made the artwork. It's amazing what a little clean-up can do.

I'll be linking to these parties this week.
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