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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesdays with Tulah 2

Who: Animal-friendly Animal
What: Stuffed for Charity
When: Last November
Where: The jungle
Why: My mom and Gramsie wanted to donate some stuffed animals to Toys for Tots, and since I can't resist a good party, I got caught up in the mix. Hey! Did somebody just touch my tail...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Floating Frame Spring Plaque

Did you see the Dollar Tree floating frame address plaque I made? Well, here is something similar.

This was a simple, fun project I did to give as a gift to my Sister-in-Law for Mother's Day. It would be so simple to make for any season or any reason (hey- that rhymes!).

I used a floating frame from the Dollar Tree and painted it black (it would also be adorable white). Then I used my cricut and some adhesive paper to cut out the word "Spring" and a little birdie. (Am I obsessed with birdies or what?)

If you don't have a Cricut, you could use cute stickers. So easy!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesdays with Tulah 1

I've decided to try something new. Part of my inspiration comes from the people and animals (little furry people) that surround me. Every single time I think of Tulah, I smile. Sometimes I downright laugh. So, I am going to try to post a picture of Tulah every Tuesday because "Tuesdays with Tulah" sounds so much better than "Thursdays with Tulah" (alliteration is everything). I thought it would be fun to share the smile and hopefully you will enjoy seeing my 4.5 lbs of smiles as much as I do!

Without further ado, here she is...
Who: International Dog
What: Me in a suitcase
When: Last June, as my mom was packing for Spain
Where: A suitcase, silly!
Why: Wanted to make sure mom didn't forget about me once she made it across the Atlantic. And, who are we kidding, I needed a nap and this suitcase was on MY couch.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Floating Frame Address Plaque

Have you seen the awesome floating frames at the Dollar Tree?? They look like this:

Did you know the word "Love" is stuck to one of the pieces of glass, but if you run it under hot water, it comes right off- no scrubbing necessary?!?

So, I decided to paint the frame black.

Then I used my cricut to cut out some address numbers. I used some adhesive paper so that it acted like stickers. I also used the cricut mat to help me place the numbers onto one of the pieces of glass.

Put it back in the frame and you have a nice housewarming gift, or a Mother's Day gift, etc.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day and Glass (Wine) Markers

Happy Mother's Day!! This year, we decided to have a Mother's Day Lunch at our house. It was such a beautiful day!

I originally wanted to have it outdoors because my husband is Master of the Grill, but in Michigan in May, you never know what kind of weather you will get! While it was a gorgeous day, it was plain old chilly! So, last minute, I looked at my supplies and came up with a splendid theme to honor our mothers. I chose a black, white, red and pink theme because it was all stuff I had on hand.

Here is a picture of the table all set up, with the exceptions of our plates.

Here are the centerpieces that you might recognize from this party. Don't ya just love it when you can reuse and recycle?

I was also using placemats for each placesetting, but I ran out and needed two more. Not to worry, I quickly made some out of paper for the younger "boys" of the family.

Some fresh flowers for the food table in the pedestal vase...

As little party favors, I made glass markers out of washers. I stamped them with words like "faith," "love," and the names of the mothers' children.

It was a great day, and hopefully the mothers in the family felt relaxed and loved. They also didn't have to do any of the cooking or cleaning up! Have a great day!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Inspiration Comes Full Circle

Hi all! I seriously love it when I hear from people who have tried something that I also tried. Most of the time I am inspired by other people, magazines and tv, so when I hear people are inspired by lil' ole' me, I get all twitterpated and it makes me smile real big from ear to ear.

Here is an example of one such person who made me smile today! Kim at Cheap Chic Home showed me her take on the alphabet balls that I previously made. She did a great job and while you're checking out her adorable blog, feast your eyes on her candlestick revamp turned cloche base. I love it!

PS: If you have tried anything that you found on my blog, I would LOVE to see it! Leave me a comment or send me an email at redheadscraftmorefun@gmail.com. I love celebrating creativity with you!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

More Pedestal Birdhouses

I loved my Pedestal Birdhouses so much, that I decided I needed to try to make a few more in other colors.

If you missed the tutorial the first time, click here please.

Here are my supplies:

And the end product, more houses for my bird friends!

If you like the birds, click here to see how I made them.

If you like the Spring has Sprung sign, click here to see how I made it. Happy Spring!
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