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Saturday, November 14, 2009

ID Tag Blues

Like most people I know, I have to wear an ID badge at work everyday. I get highly frustrated because I wear my ID badge on a lanyard around my neck, however, it is just the right length (or I am just the right amount short) where it is constantly getting caught on things and choking me. Not a good feeling. So, when my fellow RedHeaded mother turned to me one day and asked, "Want to bead something?" the idea occurred to me, that I needed to bead my own lanyard.

Now, my mother is a Master-Beader. She is SO organized and has imparted the wisdom to always put your beads back in the correct container. Some day I will post pictures on how she organizes her collection, but for now, I will just post a picture of the finished lanyard. It turned out great and did not take me long at all. I am glad people will be able to tell who I am in true beaded style.


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