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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Monogrammed Picture

This might be my favorite craft yet. I am thinking it will become a Christmas gift for some lucky, special people. If you see it on my blog first, please pretend to be surprised if you unwrap it this season. I think this would also make a super cute hostess gift for all those holiday parties coming up.

It was so easy to make (and very inexpensive)! I enlisted the help of my hubby because he has Photoshop on his computer, so he made me the magazine article that started with the big "L" (I used lyrics to a song). You could also do some searching and find a magazine article that starts with the initial you need. I then blew it up on the copy machine. I found the frame at Goodwill and had to clean it and spray paint it black. I placed the "initial article" in the frame with a photo mat, and voila- an adorable personalized, monogrammed picture! I love mine!!

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