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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Antique Letterpress Initials

I know this isn't a DIY, but I had to share! I went to an antique store recently and it's one that I've never been to before. It had all kinds of treasures. I also took it as a time to practice my bargaining skills, and guess what? It worked. Check out the treasures I found.

I got "XOXO" for Valentine's Day...

... and I got a "B" and a "C" for my husband's and my initials.

I think they are kind of cool. What do you think? Would you use antique letterpress initials to decorate?


  1. so cute! I never find anything good at our thrift stores!

  2. Very cool - I would definitely use those to decorate!

  3. thats awesome! I love using the type drawers & the type itself as decor. I've even stepped it up to using some of my old print blocks as decor. it turns the process into art itself! :)

  4. Love them! I wish our thrift stores here were better. Though I did find a couple the other day while driving around that I need to check out. Maybe they'll have some fun goodies like this.

  5. Yes, I would definitely use them. You are lucky to have found them.

  6. Love them. I just found your blog and I'm loving all your craft projects and from a fellow red head...love your blog name.

  7. Those Xs and Os are very cute!! Neat idea!

    Stopping in from Fun Follow Friday!
    ~ Sweet Mummy @ It's OK to be WEIRD!


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