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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cash and Cari / Repurpose

This past weekend was a long weekend. It was great to have some time off- I got a lot of work done and was very productive. But all work and no play makes Courtney a dull girl. So, my Mom, Aunt and I took a short shopping trip over to Novi, Michigan. We were able to visit Repurpose, which is Cari Cucksey's store (from HGTV's Cash and Cari show). It was cool to see.

Our girl Cari was not there. Neither were the producers or the cameras, well, except for the security cameras, and that is NOT an appearance I will be making! HGTV, if you are reading, don't worry, I will be back and then you can ask me to host a TV show. Thanks! Hehehe.


  1. Hi Courtney! How cool was the trip to Novi? I don't know where you are located - but I'm in Canton! :) Good to see another Michigander on the blog scene. :)

  2. I just realized you live in Michigan. Not sure where Novi is but I spent 2 years in Flint. I am a Northern Cali girl now.

  3. Another Michigander here! :-)

    I love Cari...I wanna be her when I grow up!
    How fun would that be?
    So did you buy anything? What was it like {the store}
    I have been telling hubby I'd love to take a ride out and visit her store and possibly meet Cari!

    Smiles, Dolly


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