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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Adventures in Blogging

I love my husband. I especially love my husband because, like all good husbands, after only a year of marriage, he has perfected the pretending-to-listen-and-care technique. Sometimes it comes across in the form of a nod. Other times, it is a pensive "uh huh." Whatever the case may be, I thought to myself that I would love my marriage to last forever, so I will spare my husband the endless chattering about my crafting projects, and instead, start a blog so that the whole world can access it and save him some much valuable time to do other husband duties (like washing the dishes).

I think this blog will be a combination of ideas, inspiration and follow-thrus. (Definition of a follow-thru: a craft idea that manifested in my head and I bought the supplies, sat down at a table and actually followed-thru to do it.) I also like to beg, borrow, and steal. If I see something I like, I will most likely post it so that others can enjoy it too.

So, here's to happy blogging and crafty crafting! This adventure is going to be fun!


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