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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Introducing Choco!

In case you didn't see our Christmas pic this year, we have adopted another little chihuahua! Now Tulah is a big sis (even though she is still smaller at 5 lbs). Introducing Choco (pronounced with long o sounds)!

Choco hails from New York City, where her parents were working long hours and were afraid they couldn't spend enough time with her. My future sis-in-law told them she had just the right people to take in their sweet little girl. We are so glad she thought of us, because after having Choco since Thanksgiving, we can't even imagine life without her!


  1. I love that picture!! She is too sweet - congrats on your new addition!

  2. What a beauty!! Tulah has a new buddy -awesome! (Come over and see my Chihuahua/Owl comparison if you get a chance.) (http://shanarunacreativespace.blogspot.com/2011/01/it-peanut-were-owl.html)


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