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Sunday, January 3, 2010

What I'm diggin

Is anyone else as obsessed as I am about their Christmas gifts? Because I can't stop using (ok, playing with) mine, I decided I had to share a few of my favorites.

We'll start with my new boots! Ok, these technically weren't a Christmas gift. But, they were a gift to myself! You see, every year my Grandma gives us a gift in the shape of a signed piece of paper with her bank routing number on it- yup- a check! So I decided that my shoe collection needed to be expanded and so I bought these!

Ahh I love them! In fact, I have worn them EVERY single day of break. I even tried to find an outfit that I could wear them with tomorrow when I go back to work. I think my students would like them, but somehow I can't picture myself being that teacher who teaches in, well, boots! Moving on...

Has anyone seen my next favorite? Now where did I put it? Let me look again... Ahh! There it is!!

It is Where's Waldo for the Nintendo DS. I don't know about you, but I love a good hunt, whether it's in a thrift store, or on a video game, this has already provided me with hours of brain-exercise (vegging out). So fun!

Speaking of fun, spray painting will be oh-so-fun to do with the help of the Spray Grip! I saw this at my parent's this fall when my mom and I were working on these and it took all of me not to go out and buy one right away. Ok, I'll admit it, I looked for it in the store, but couldn't find it. I dropped some major hints that I wanted one pretty bad and voila! It showed up in my hands on Christmas evening. Thanks mom! Can't wait to see what I paint next...

All that paint will probably need to be cleaned up and I will be able to use my Pottery Barn-inspired towels that my Aunt (remember her from here and here) monogrammed for me and the hubby! I LOVE these! They are so plush and oh-so chic! Perfect!

And finally, I do believe I have saved the best for last, only because this last gift was made for me by a fellow Red Headed Crafter. No, I am not talking about my cute Mom, I am talking about my BROTHER! Was I ever surprised (and later moved to tears) when I opened up the silhouette of my precious baby (dog), Tulah! He took pictures along the way, so look for those in a later post, but check out his work. FYI: He used an actual picture of my doggie that he traced to make the silhouette.

This truly was a wonderful holiday season. At times I could feel the magic of the season, and I am grateful to my husband, our families and our friends for making it so special!


  1. Courtney I love your new boots! What an excellent addition to any shoe collection.

  2. Great gifts.
    Wear the boots to school!

    I want one of those spray paint grips so bad. I just called the Hubs in here to look at it!


  3. Impeccable taste Jill (thanks for the compliment)!

    And yes Amy, you are right, I will wear the boots tomorrow- life is too short! I hope you get your spray grip!!

  4. I love my spray grip!! One of my favorite tools. They have them at wal mart!

  5. Thanks for the magical tip, Princess of Everything. I had forgotten to ask my mom where she bought it!

  6. I love how you did the shadow picture of your little puppy. How very clever. You have a great blog and I've enjoyed hanging out here. Such great ideas. I'm going to sign up to follow you.


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