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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jute as Ribbon, who would have thought?

This year for Christmas, I have been really into jute! You see, I had some pretty ribbon for my Christmas presents... I tend to procrastinate and so I was wrapping my gifts late at night when all of the sudden, I ran out!!! I went down to the craft area and I spotted some jute I had leftover from my white Halloween pumpkins - perfect ribbon material.

I have also been using reusable bags to wrap my presents in. I look at it as three gifts in one. Allow me to do the math: The receiver gets the original gift wrapped in the reusable bag which becomes gift number two. The third gift is to the environment because there is nothing to throw away!

And lastly, I tried to make a bow out of a recycled Target bag... I am not sure I like it. Any ideas on how to make it better? It has grown on me a bit...

Happy unwrapping all your hard work!!


  1. Love the jute, will be using that for gift wrapping this year, for sure!
    Here is a post I did on package toppers, there is link for a tutorial to make a grocery bag pom pom. I think your looks pretty good! I was too lazy to try it out at this Christmas.

  2. Try making these amazing magazine bows! You can use them all year round.


  3. I've been using jute and burlap for years on cards and packages. My friends were surprised as I was when they started noticing similar uses recently popping up all over the place since I'm not the trendsetting type! I love your idea of putting the gift in a reusable tote bag. I look for Sterlite & Rubbermaid containers when they go on sale and use those. Just add some ribbon or jute (my green jute is my favorite) and you have 2 gifts in one. When I go to a baby shower, I use a BIG Rubbermaid tote (they come in colors and are on sale a lot) as the box to hold all the gifts. It's great storage for the baby now or later and costs about the same as a big gift bag that would otherwise be thrown away after 1 or 2 uses.


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