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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Paper Ornaments

Sometimes I like to embellish my presents. This year I decided to put paper ornaments on the outside of my presents. I have seen these before and decided to give them a try.

I started out with six 4 inch circles of three different patterned paper. Could I type that any more confusing? That equals three 4 inch circles in one color, three in another and three more in another color or pattern. (For a grand total of 6!) I also found that a bone to help fold the paper worked well too.

Fold each paper circle in half.

Glue half of the back of one paper circle to another back's half. As you get down to the last circle, you will need to put the ribbon in. I like to tie a loop onto the top.

Then glue the last circle on.

After it dries for a bit, I tie a bead to the bottom where the ribbon dangles. Here is how my first attempt turned out.

Notice anything? Yeah, I put the ribbon loop on the wrong end- it is hanging upside-down. Perfect for Christmas in Dr. Seuss' Whoville!! If I had noticed it earlier, while the glue was still wet, I could have switched it.

Here are some other attempts.

And, sometimes the ends of the circles don't match up perfectly. You might want to trim them or just distress them a bit with distress ink to cover the white.


  1. That's a great idea and very adorable! If you're a craftaholic, then I must be a junkaholic. I love anytime someone can think of ways to first re-use. Great job!

  2. I made these and origami wreaths this year to exchange with friends. We decided none of us really needed to spend money we didn't have, so decided to exchange ornaments. A couple of us are crafters and made ours. On some of the ball ornaments, I added touches of Stickles along the glued together edges. Even I was impressed!! Best of all, I had everything so they didn't cost anything but time. I used old Charles Wysocki calendars, pieces of scrapbook paper, even security envelopes & old sheet music for the origami wreaths. It's a great TV watching project, so it really didn't even cost me time -- or so goes my rationalization.


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