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Sunday, January 24, 2010

L O V E Blocks X O X O

Love is in the air, so I decided to make some love blocks. It was a simple, quick craft. You will need 4 wood blocks (mine are cut to a 4x4 size), and some craft paints.

I sanded my blocks to make them smooth.

Then painted them white and pink.

Then stenciled the letters on in the opposite color of the block.

Wait, there's nothing "evil" about these cute blocks...

On the other side, I decided to put "X O X O" so that I can switch them around if I want to.

Lookin' cute on my mantel. I love these blocks!

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  1. i love your 'love' blocks with the jar of hearts! so easy but it looks great!

  2. A D O R A B L E!!!!!

    sweet lettering you did too.
    What style is it if you do not mind sharing?

    thanks and blessings

    barbara jean

  3. Barbara Jean, I used my Cricut to cut out the letters for the stencil. I used the Storybook cartridge.

  4. These came out really great! My Michael's never seems to have these bigger blocks or they'll have one. I've been wanting to do something similar but will they ever have four???? =)

  5. What a great idea! I'm kindof upset I bought these blocks at Hobby Lobby! UGH. I needed you last week! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

  6. They turned out super cute! Is it weird that I love the wood grain showing through in circle on the top? Anyway, thanks for linking up on A Little Tipsy.

  7. Michelle, I liked the wood grain too- that's why I didn't put a third coat of paint on them. Thanks for hosting the party!

  8. I love these and you have just given me reason 4,521 that I need to get one of those........ machines. I keep trying to tell myself I don't need one but then I see one more reason I do. You did a great job, thanks for inspiring me.

    Cha Cha

  9. Cha Cha, I tried to hold off getting one, but they make life SO much easier! I got mine on black Friday- good deals! I hope you get one! :o)

  10. Sah-weet! Lovin' these....

    Thanks for linkin' up to Mi4M :)

  11. Love this and SO easy!!!

    You can view my DIY project here...

  12. I love these! Thanks for sharing the how-to. I might could even do these.

  13. Can I ask which CriCut you got? Aren't there different kinds? I'm thinking of asking for one for my birthday. Would you buy it again if you had to? Thanks.

  14. Pinkie, I got the Cricut Expression. I absolutely LOVE it. I would buy it again in a heart beat! I hope you get one for your birthday. Happy birthday!!

  15. Very cute, love that shade of pink! Thanks for linking up.

  16. These are great- I love the stencil you used, where did you get it?

    Thanks for taking part in Talented Tuesday at My Frugal Family! Don't forget to come back next week!

  17. Heather, I used my Cricut to cut out the letters for the stencil. I used the Storybook cartridge.

  18. Those look wonderful! You make it look very easy.

    LOVE your blog title!!

  19. The blocks turned out very cute! Thanks for sharing!

  20. You sure know how to change some old lumber into something beautiful AND useful. Great job.

    Why don't you come on over to my blog and visit a while

  21. Very cute! Love the font you used. Thanks for linking up :)
    best wishes,

  22. This a A-DORABLE! Love the font that you picked!

  23. HOw cute. I really like the xoxo one! Love that font.

  24. Those are absolutley precious!Great work!

    Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday!


    Tales from Bloggertiaville


  25. So cute--you could do other great 4 letter words on the other block faces like hope or... Thanks for linking up!

  26. I love the blocks! i'm going to use blocks for something soon!

    Thanks for joining my party Get your craft on Thurs. I hope you join me next week. Mr. Linky disappeared for a while tonight I thought I lost all of my guest, but it finally came back. I will not be using Mr. Linky anymore!

  27. Totally cute!! I was laughing at the EVIL. I got some "believe" blocks for Christmas, and the first thing my hubby did was rearrange them to spell "be evil" Good times. Thanks for the link!

    Poppies at Play

  28. Very cute! I love that you can use both sides.


  29. I'm visiting from Crafts in Bloom and I have to say that I love these. I saw "xoxo" blocks at Roberts for $30! Unbelievable. Your blocks are so much prettier than theirs too!

  30. Those are so cute. I would love to have those in my house! Thanks for linking up to Crafts in Bloom! I'm so glad you did.

  31. Very cute idea. They turned out great!

  32. great job on the LOVE blocks! They look really nice

  33. Too cute, looks like you had fun making them and I do agree with you about redheads.

  34. Yay, Pearl Maple! Thanks for the agreement and yes- I had a blast making them. It's hard to not have fun when crafting!!

  35. This gets the oh so cute award and is on my favs list


  36. It turned out so cute. I have the expression and cut that same heart out for a decoration I made, and decided it looked like a devil with the horns. I cut out a different one. I love that I'm not the only one who saw the "evil" potential of the horned heard.
    Here's what I came up with with mine:

  37. Thanks for linking up to these block! I love them! I was debating between doing LOVE & XOXO...I should have done BOTH! I love them & I'm excited to browse through the rest of your blog:)



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