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Sunday, January 3, 2010

A *Safe* New Year

This was a monumental New Year for us! You see, when we moved into the house two years ago, it came with a safe. It is lodged deep down in our basement and has been facing the wall. It is the thickest piece of metal I have ever seen.

Thick = heavy.
Heavy = not movable.
Not movable = never been opened since we bought the house.

What if there is a million dollars, or precious gems, or diamond necklaces or tons of crafting materials in it?? How could we not have attempted to open it until now? How dare us!

Actually, I was a little afraid of what we would find. You see, a few days ago, I was working down in my craft room and I smelled a stinky smell. Like an animal had died or something. Gross, I know. So I immediately blamed the safe because what else do I have to blame? My husband was no where near the room.

Anyhow, you know how when it is the last day of the year and you are partaking in festivities, it is a time for reflection and idea making? Well, it was my husband and his friend's idea to go turn the safe. My friend and I stayed upstairs, but soon we heard some grunting... and some pounding... and some loud noises, we had to take a look. This is what we found:

Yup, that's my husband in the white with his ear to a glass "listening" for the combination. By the way, can you see how when I painted the basement wall, I painted only up to the safe because we couldn't move it out of the way? Yikes.

Maybe their muscles were a little tired from moving it, but upon further reflection, the safe was not actually locked. They just had to pull really hard and the safe opened to reveal...

Another door!!!!

But that door had a key!

And this is what we found inside...

It is really dirty, but definitely doesn't have anything dead inside! Oh, it also didn't have any money, diamonds, or gems either. I am thinking that we will check into the story of our safe. So far we know it survived a fire in a jewelry store and fell a story or two into the basement. THEN I am thinking it would make a super cool storage chest for something special (crafting supplies? a mini-bar?) I will keep you posted when we decide to do something with it. Any ideas??

Hope you all had a *safe* New Year!


  1. LOL, I LOVE this! I was so excited to see what was IN the safe, but was horribly let down when nothing was in there!

    Great storytelling though, friend!

  2. Oooh, build a bar around it, and call it the "Safe House" ;)

    A few years ago, we rented a house up north where we used to live. In the garage, up in the rafters, was a box. Oh, how I yearned to look in the box. Finally, we were able to get up there and look.

    It had a set of old mini-blinds, and some really nasty old curtains in it. -sigh- I dreamed of cool stuff forgotten by a past tenant.

  3. Janet, you are a lot more patient than I will ever be! I would have scrolled down to the bottom after reading the first sentence!! Glad you enjoyed the story! :o)

  4. I LOVE the way you think, Heather- not only would the "Safe House" be a cool bar, but it would also be adjacent to my crafting table, so if I got thirsty, I could slide over and grab a sip! Sorry about your disappointing, mysterious box in the rafters- trust me, I know the feeling... CHEERS!!

  5. Like the bar idea! Was there anything in there?? You need to call If Walls Could Talk on HGTV!!

  6. What a great find!! Love your idea of the bar too. It is too cool and vintage to hide!

  7. I love old stuff like this, but would have been at it as soon as I moved in. Let's see: how many friends would it take to move a safe? Do I even have that many? If you get tired of it, send it my way. I wonder what the cost of shipping would be....


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