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Monday, January 25, 2010

White Mantel "Pawn"

Decorating my mantel can be like playing a challenging game of chess. First I try one thing, then I move it over, then I add something, then I take it out. It's big. I kind of don't like the color (definitely debating painting it this summer). It is in-between seasons, so except for a few Valentine's Day decorations, it is bare naked! So, I went on a mission this past weekend, to find something inexpensive to use to fill up some space.

To Hobby Lobby I went! Hello Clearance Aisle! Tons of stuff. Then I spotted this:

It's very pretty as-is, but not my color-scheme. It just needed something else. I got to thinking... then I got to painting...

...and more painting.

...and some glazing...

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  1. Looks outstanding and you can use it all year long! Hope you have a great week:)



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